Who are BelongCon

The Belong Conversation, better known as BelongCon, is a community organisation dedicated to bringing people together to share their stories and inspire others to make a positive difference to their community. Set up as a response to a growing issue of loneliness and isolation in modern society, BelongCon seeks to make connections and foster a sense of belonging whilst providing a safe space.

The Challenge

As a completely new concept, with a distinct lack of similar organisations operating, the BelongCon team needed to find a way to explain who they are and what they do concisely, in a way that would resonate with their target audience. They also needed to understand more about their target audience, their needs and concerns, to help them communicate effectively and offer genuine value to their community.

Finally, BelongCon also had a basic website but wanted to develop this further to improve the navigation and content, and create an improved, more engaging user experience.

Cobb Digital were asked to support with a branding and marketing strategy, as well as developing a website architecture.

Our Solution

We invited Alice Reeves, Founder of BelongCon, to a creative strategy workshop, where we analysed the target audience and their interests, the organisation’s values and USPs, and looked at creative content ideas that would effectively communicate these values to the right people.

Our Natural Search Team used the audience analysis and content ideas to map out a website architecture that would offer the best user experience and present the organisation in a way that would be clear and relatable to potential attendees, speakers and volunteers.

The Outcome

Since working with BelongCon we have:

The new BelongCon website is currently in development, and we’re excited to see the finished piece!

BelongCon held an event on 29th March, as part of the Spring Forward Festival, which was a great success and saw tickets selling out incredibly quickly.

Alice and her team of volunteers are now working on an ongoing marketing plan, building on the foundation of the brand positioning guidelines and creative concepts generated at the creative strategy workshop.

Alice said: “It was such a pleasure working with the Cobb Digital team! They really got to the heart of what BelongCon is and what it could be, and put together a clear and structured framework for taking the organisation forward. Their ideas were exciting and creative, and based on a solid foundation of insight. I can’t wait to see them in action!”.