Key results

40% increase in revenue month on month

AOV exceeded target

3.58 average session duration on launch

47% bounce rate on launch

The challenge

EPOS Emporium is a new player in the till roll marketplace. The objective was to launch with a competitive offering and generate revenue by gaining market share. A key challenge was how to catch buyers’ attention and persuade them to change from their existing supplier, particularly where people are used to placing repeat orders. Other challenges included how to create compelling content around a very functional item, and high competition in the paid search space into which our client was launching.

Being a new venture at the time of writing, this case study describes the first phases of the launch and surrounding marketing activity (months 1-3).

Our solution

We worked with our development and design partners to create a strong visual brand and new website that would not only provide a great customer experience but also be visible in organic search. We held a content workshop with our client and identified several strong angles for website content – around the health and environmental benefits of EPOS Emporium till roll – tying in with recent legislation that would be of interest to our audience.  We then continued to optimise the site for search after launch to get the most from free, organic traffic.

Paid media campaigns are a key driver of sales, and were set to coincide with the launch, targeting people when searching for till roll. Being a new brand it was important to ensure ads conveyed the USPs quickly and clearly, giving them a reason to click through to the website where they would find more compelling reasons to purchase for the first time. These campaigns would be refined and optimised on an on-going basis as we learn what works best, in terms of strongest performing ad copy, search terms and landing pages for example. Display and remarketing campaigns would later be added to the mix once a pool of website visitors built up for retargeting. Being present in Google Shopping and Amazon Marketplace was also a key next step, which we set up for our client.

Alongside this, we devised an email strategy to turn new customers into repeat purchasers. Offering an incentive to encourage the first order, customers who opted into receive further communication then became part of a newsletter programme, ensuring EPOS Emporium remained top of mind when ordering till roll, and offering further discounts to do so. Other automations were set up such as emails targeting those who had placed items in their basket but not completed the purchase.

The outcome

Initial data in months 1 – 3 showed positive signs, most noticeably an increase in revenue.

We generated increasing revenue each month with an average order value well above target.

Customers engaged with the website upon launch with 3.58 min average session duration and 47% bounce rate (40 – 50% considered low), indicating they were interested in the what the new player in the market had to offer.

NB: Benefits of the email programme will take more time to show as the customer base is still building up.