Key results

Organic traffic increased 20%

Enquiries increased 25%

Non-brand impressions on Google increased 125%

We ensured a successful website migration for KIMS Hospital, managing risk and ultimately resulting in improved search visibility and lead generation.

The challenge

A need was identified for a new KIMS Hospital website. The move was intended to address several issues experienced with the existing site, many of which were affecting website conversion rate. Some of the main improvements KIMS Hospital wanted to realise were:

  • To make the user journey smoother and easier to navigate
  • To make key treatment areas more visible to potential patients, and the content easier to understand when they got there
  • To improve site speed and better optimise the site for mobile (additional seconds in load time or a bad mobile experience result in lost conversions)
  • A more flexible platform, making changes to the site easier and cheaper to execute, and allowing for future integrations (for example with internal CRMs and other systems)

The solution - overview

Cobb Digital supported KIMS Hospital in the initial selection process for the development agency. This included helping to write the briefing document, attending pitch presentations and feeding technical and SEO requirements into the development specs.

Once the developers were appointed, Cobb Digital’s role fitted into several key stages of the project. Firstly, ensuring the site was set up from the outset to be both search engine and user-friendly; then during the migration itself reducing likelihood of any risk (no lost site visibility / traffic, poor customer experience, gaps in tracking and so on); and then in the longer term, making sure the site delivered more than previously in terms of organic traffic and enquiries. Much of our work was focussed around the content that would enable this.

Crucial to the success of the project was the ability to work closely with the other parties involved – our client, their developers and design agency; helping the project run to time, and ensuring we fitted in at the right stages throughout.

Our approach


Cobb Digital assisted in the early stages, helping to design a user and search-friendly site architecture, reviewing wireframes and designs and acting in an advisory capacity with regards the technical and functional specs.

Content and SEO

Writing new content for the site was a key part of our involvement in the project. All content for the new site was informed by a combination of what were priority areas for the Hospital (key treatments, specialties and consultants), and data produced by our search term analysis.

Our copywriting team reworked existing website content to be more succinct, patient-friendly and in keeping with the KIMS Hospital brand and tone of voice. New content was also incorporated to help inform patients on what to expect, including FAQs within treatment pages (for example “how long is the recovery time?”) The main objective was to help patients find the information they need, whilst a secondary objective was to aid SEO visibility for a range of longer-tail question-based search queries.

Based on the search term analysis, the copy was then optimised for the keywords people actually search for. This included optimised content, meta tags, headers and image alt tags. We also supported with uploading the copy to the new site.

During and post launch

We undertook several important tasks at this stage to ensure a smooth transition with minimal loss in SEO visibility, traffic and ultimately leads. These included: redirect mapping (telling search engines where old URLs were, particularly where new / old pages were not like-for-like); ensuring the site was available to be indexed by Google (submitting the site map and so on); reviewing the site tracking and ensuring GA goals were set up correctly; and finally, conducting a check of the site against all recommendations.

Our team were on hand during this crucial stage immediately post launch, carrying out spot checks to identify any errors so they could be immediately addressed.

The outcome

In the three months following launch vs the same period last year:

Organic traffic, conversions and visibility increased:

  • Traffic up 20%
  • New users up 20%
  • ‘Make an enquiry’ goal completions up 25%
  • Non-brand impressions on Google up 125% YOY
  • Non-brand clicks from Google up 13%

Website engagement improved (all channels bar display):

  • Bounce rate lowered by 9%
  • Pages per session increased by 14%
  • Session duration was up 2%

For treatment pages specifically engagement increased further with 22% less bounce, 34% more pages per session and session duration up 40%.