Key results

293% increase
in site traffic

71% of traffic
generated through
blog content

614% increase
in organic traffic
year on year

The Challenge

LD Events joined Cobb Digital in August 2014 to increase site traffic and boost event bookings. Their main challenge was to gain brand awareness and increase exposure in an already heavily crowded industry.

Our Solution

Wanting to be known as thought-leaders in this ever-growing sector, LD Events needed to provide time relevant, on-trend industry content to spark interest and expand awareness.

Cobb Digital set out by creating a bespoke content-led SEO strategy. To achieve this, Cobb researched current and relevant search terms that would fit LD Event’s criteria. The aim here was to ensure the content produced would match search terms that would become indexed by the time the blog was released.

Cobb created a dedicated ‘News’ section on the website that is regularly updated with blogs and articles to tie in with search terms and the scheduled LD property conferences taking place in the upcoming months.

The Outcome

Since working with LD Events we have:

Been responsible for 52% of the overall site traffic, with a peak in March 2015 where we saw a 614% increase, year on year, in organic traffic. One blog in particular was written and release at the optimum time to integrate with the trending topics. The research and planning that went into producing this blog was a pivotal factor in what led to its success and being indexed so highly by Google. These achievements resulted in making this blog responsible for 71% of all news traffic, with a total of 5,645 page views.

Overall, the combined marketing effort including Social Media, Content and SEO provided by Cobb has resulted in a 250% increase in site visits, year on year.

“The results I’ve had since working with Cobb have been fantastic. We’ve noticed a huge increase in traffic and enquiries, but the biggest thing is having a dedicated resource to manage all of my online marketing. They come up with creative ideas and are very proactive with promoting LD Events to a targeted audience.” Andrew Mason, Founder and Managing Director of LD Events.