Key results

45% increase
in overall online

74% increase
in Facebook

245% increase in
traffic to the commercial
property search page

The Challenge

Cobb Digital’s challenge was to increase awareness of the commercial property potential within East Sussex and to drive enquiries where possible. The target audience for this campaign was Small Business Owners, Start-Up’s, and Medium Sized Enterprises in the East Sussex area and companies looking for bigger or more affordable business space.

Our Solution

Working closely with Locate East Sussex Director, Philip Johnson, we composed a bespoke cross-channel digital marketing strategy that consisted of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Content Marketing and SEO.

Some of the various tactics we employed from a social media perspective included:

  • Facebook polls (aimed at acquiring a better understanding of small business owners needs in the surrounding area.)
  • Promotion of LES‘s property search function via Twitter
  • Promoted LinkedIn sponsored posts.

The channels outputs are an educated mixture of video based success stories, available premises, local achievements and business advice. By creating highly engaged social channels it has helped establish Locate as an expert within the local communities and online.

Increasing the visibility of Locate East Sussex within search engines was also a key factor in creating awareness of the services available. Our SEO strategy had 2 specific focuses; the creation of highly relevant and keyword-rich pieces of Commercial Property focused content a month and the creation of standalone pages, which targeted very specific localised search queries e.g “commercial property Lewes”.

The Outcome

Since working with Locate East Sussex we have:

Since working with Locate on this specific campaign, overall online traffic has seen an increase of 45%. The Commercial Property search page specifically has seen a staggering 245% increase and the key developments page has resulted in a 66% increase in traffic. Each of these increases are a direct result of the targeted cross channel campaign.

Social played a vital role in generating these brilliant numbers and the increase in followers, fans and likes for each of the social platforms was a key reason behind this.

Since March last year the Twitter following has seen a 23% increase, Facebook an astounding 74% increase and LinkedIn a 42% increase in company page followers.

Philip Johnson, Director comments: “We set a very specific challenge to the Cobb Digital team and we are thrilled with the results that have been achieved. Our commercial property pages have seen a significant increase in traffic, as well as enquiries”.