Key results

Organic search traffic up 40% year on year

Average conversion rates of 5.5% of paid media campaigns

Increased organic visibility

The challenge

Pembroke Dental is a privately owned clinic delivering first-class dental, skin and foot treatments across six locations.

We were brought on board to increase the website’s visibility and traffic, raising awareness of the clinic to potential patients, and to drive more new patient enquiries. We used a two-pronged approach with our website optimisation / SEO team working to improve natural search visibility, and our paid media team targeting potential new patients via PPC.

Our solution

We started by conducting an audit to ensure the website was technically sound to best support natural search visibility. We identified several areas for improvement, and these recommendations were fed into the client’s developers to implement.

Our search term analysis allowed us to then optimise the website for key search terms that would further support natural search visibility. This analysis also fed into the plan for on-going content creation by providing a steer on topics. We used data to tell compelling stories.

We then reviewed the tracking and goal set-up, ensuring all Google tools were linked and everything was configured to correctly track enquiries and allow for meaningful reporting. Later, we helped identify and implement a call tracking solution, so that all leads could be correctly attributed to the relevant marketing channel.

A local SEO review was carried out to ensure Google and Bing map listings were optimised to support local search visibility, as these can be a valuable source of good quality, free traffic.

At the same time, our paid media team set up a Google Ads account with the aim of generating leads. As well as setting up a brand campaign to ensure Pembroke Dental maintained a competitive edge in the SERPS, a key part of our PPC work was to maximise non-brand terms, using these to reach new potential patients who may not have heard of the clinic, as they searched for “cosmetic dentistry” or “dentists in their local area”.

We were able to analyse performance and make improvements on a regular basis. For example we reviewed best/ poorest performing landing pages and made changes where necessary, to further improve conversion rates. We also analysed time of day, device and demographic data, so that media budget could be weighted accordingly and maximise the return on investment from each click.

The outcome

  • Organic search traffic up 40% year on year
  • Organic visibility increased considerably, for all keywords but most importantly for non-brand terms. The graph shows visibility on Google over the three months after optimisations were applied to the website (all non-brand keywords):

The PPC campaigns performed well against industry averages

  • 24% average click-through-rate
  • 5% conversion rate