Key results

21% increase in enquiries via organic search year on year

Increase in Google visibility for all non brand terms

Email open rate 40% email vs industry benchmark of 20%

The challenge

Following the launch of a new website, we were brought on board to market the newly re branded River Aesthetics, attract new patients and ultimately drive more business.

Our solution

Multi channel approach

We worked across the following areas: website optimisation, SEO and content, organic social media, email and paid media. Some of these were new marketing channels for the business that we wanted to test, to see which combinations worked best. We know that some channels such as paid media and email drive enquiries directly, and others such as social will support this indirectly, so using different touchpoints and varied types of communication to speak to both existing and potential customers was important.

Website optimisation, SEO and content

We provided migration support for the new website, working closely with the developers to ensure a smooth transition. In the months following launch we worked with them to implement further improvements, such as simplifying the main navigation, building in offers pages with email marketing in mind, and establishing a structured plan for on-going, fresh content, designed to bring new people to the site via the organic channel. We optimised key treatment pages to give them the best visibility in search, and particularly worked on improving local SEO visibility.

Email marketing

We took on River Aesthetics’ email marketing from the in-house team and moved this over to our platform, which allowed improved functionality and reporting. We set up Google Analytics tracking so that engagement and enquiries from this channel would be attributed correctly. Then we redesigned the newsletter template according to best practice, for example making sure it was optimised for mobile and GDPR compliant. Emails were sent according to the optimum frequency that would engage but not overload the current database. They contained a balance of promotional and story telling / informative content, as though we wanted to drive bookings, data showed the latter drove most engagement, which was important to retain existing customer’s interest.

Social media

We provided a structured approach to social media management by implementing a schedule that would ensure the frequency and types of post used for each platform would generate best results. As for email, we wanted to ensure a mixture of types of content: educational, informative and promotional, as well as the ‘human’ side of the business for example staff photos and images from the clinic. Whilst posting was then largely automated to free up time, using Instagram Stories the client was able to retain a personal connection to their audience by also posting directly themselves. We also tested different audience targeting to find new potential customers, and engage with them.

The outcome

  • 21% increase in enquiries via organic search year on year
  • Increase in Google visibility and average ranking position for key non-brand terms, with the number of position 1-3 rankings doubling compared to the prior period
  • Email open rate 40% email vs industry benchmark of 20%
  • Email click through rate 9% vs 2% industry benchmark
  • Social media engagement consistently well above platform averages
  • Enquiries coming from social channel, where they had not been seen previously, despite this not being its primary objective