Key results

34% increase in enquiries

10% increase in organic traffic

110% increase in paid media click through rate

We created a digital strategy that increased patient enquiries across both paid and organic channels.

The challenge

We took on management of SEO, PPC and paid social from the The Holly Private Hospital’s in-house marketing team. The hospital wanted to see a step-change in results having employed a marketing agency for the first time.

The hospital had also just migrated to a new website platform and wanted assurance that the migration had gone well, and there was no loss in site visibility and enquiry numbers.

Our solution

Tracking and tagging

One of the first things we did was to check website tracking and goals had been set up correctly so that all subsequent marketing could be properly measured. We also tagged the Google My Business listing so that we could track organic traffic coming from the local map results. Finally we set up a reporting dashboard to quickly and easily see results at any time.

SEO and user experience

We audited the site and addressed urgent issues first such as broken links and 404 errors, to stabilise and improve the site’s visibility.

As well as technical fixes we provided a set of recommendations relating to SEO and user experience, and prioritised them. These included: changes to the main navigation to make key information more easily accessible; ensuring telephone numbers were dynamically clickable; making information tables scrollable on mobile; fixing elements that impacted page load time and ensuring e.g. h1 headers and title tags were present – to improve organic visibility.

We liaised directly with our client’s developers to ensure these were correctly implemented.

We then turned to the on-page optimisation of priority service and treatment pages. This would form part of our ongoing SEO, helping to further improve visibility for treatment-related keywords, and ultimately increase new patient numbers.

Paid media

One of the high priority tasks was to audit the live campaigns and ensure they were performing to maximum effect. We checked they adhered both to Google best practice and to what we know works well for the healthcare sector.

For PPC, this involved restructuring the campaigns (refining ad groups and match types), making use of all available ad extensions, refreshing ad copy and ensuring there were 3 variations per ad group, for ongoing testing and learning. This was repeated campaign by campaign across the whole account.

We also spotted an opportunity to reach a new pool of customers by duplicating the Google campaigns to Bing.

We set up new paid social campaigns including a brand awareness ad and a testing plan to ensure creative and ad formats were the best for each treatment type, applying learnings from the data as well as from other healthcare clients.

The outcome

In the three months after we started work, the main enquiry type increased as follows:

  • 34% increase in enquiries
  • 10% increase in organic traffic
  • 110% increase in paid media click through rate
  • With 22% less media budget versus last year, and average CPCs increasing from 0.86p to £1.36 PPC traffic was static