Privacy policies should exist if your company collects data, to set expectations for the consumer on the journey their data might take, and how it will be used. In the past, we’ve seen lengthy, jargon-filled pages with no way to easily dissect the information provided.

Come May 2018, these confusing pages will have to change, and you will see the majority of sites updating their privacy policies to accommodate the new regulations in a clear, transparent manner. But how do you go about updating your existing policy? What do you include? Our guide takes you through the entire privacy policy structure so you know exactly what to include and how to make it as clear as possible for the user.

What’s inside?

  • An overview on why privacy policy updates are necessary
  • The GDPR on privacy policies
  • UX tips and advice to improve page usability
  • Examples of UX best practice
  • Privacy policy contents – broken down by sections with plenty of detail to help you write your own
Privacy policy guide