By now, the majority of marketers are aware of the upcoming GDPR and the changes it brings. As a digital marketing agency, we wanted to dig down into each of our marketing services and unearth some of the common mistakes we’ve seen amongst a variety of industries and help give advice on how to be compliant come 25th May 2018.

Multichannel marketing strategies mean we’re using a mix of platforms to carry out numerous data capture methods, as well as different ways we process and use data. This diversity is great for generating sales, leads and engagement around brands, however it also means an increased risk of data breaches and misuse of data without permission.

By reading this guide you will learn the following:


  • Best practice GDPR compliant marketing tips
  • Guidance on how to make your website GDPR compliant
  • Advice around what you’re probably doing wrong with your PPC activity
  • An understanding around email marketing compliance and consent
  • How to continue running social ads that won’t fall foul
GDPR online marketing guide