Cobb Digital produce a number of guides on a variety of different topics. Please help yourself to any of the selection below.

Supercharge your content strategy

Tom and Jerry, gin and tonic, cinemas and popcorn. Some things work so well together that you can't imagine one without the other.

Marketing segmentation

Increase your ROI with advanced marketing segmentation. Find out the key steps to implementing a solid segmentation strategy.

Paid media for B2B marketing

Although the exact figures do vary, it’s said that on average, an individual sees upwards of four thousand adverts per day. You’ll learn about paid search and paid social advertising for B2B.

A beginner’s guide to Instagram for business

You'll learn how to set up your Instagram business account, understand your followers and gain knowledge you need to create great content.

Maximising email ROI – the do’s, the don’ts and the how to’s

We'll walk you through what we consider to be some of the key areas that can boost email ROI, quick wins and considerations for increasing engagement.

The power of storytelling in marketing

You'll learn to use storytelling through organic social media and content, how to create and content calendar and gain real understanding of why storytelling plays a vital role in generating business.

Social media marketing in healthcare

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the reasons why marketers in the healthcare sector should consider social media as part of their marketing strategy and the how to go about approaching it.

The evolution of healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketing has changed substantially in recent years. Learn how digital plays a key part.

The GDPR guide to online marketing

As a digital marketing agency, we wanted to dig down into each of our marketing services and unearth some of the common mistakes we’ve seen.

How will the GDPR shape your privacy policy?

Privacy policies should exist if your company collects data, to set expectations for the consumer on the journey their data might take, and how it will be used.

Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is undoubtedly one of 2017’s hot topics. GDPR will have a huge impact on marketing, with significant changes to the existing Data Protection Act.

Our guide to picture perfect social media

Social media marketing is key when it comes to building brand awareness, customer loyalty and all-important website traffic. That means your channels all need to be looking their best, at all times.

The ultimate checklist for social media success

Making sure your social media is in tip-top condition should be at the top of any digital marketing to-do list. Why?