Is your marketing budget being used effectively?

When you’re too close to something, sometimes you miss what’s right in front of you. Sometimes you just don’t get the space to do the ‘bigger picture’ thinking.

You’re understandably scrutinising every pound when it comes to marketing. So, what if your marketing activity isn’t quite giving you the results you’d hoped for?

For a one-off fee, we can run a complete multi-channel audit of your current strategy, identifying potential pitfalls and opportunities. We’ll also review your advertising budgets to make sure that these are assigned in the most effective way possible.

Our audits are bespoke to your marketing activity, but a standard audit includes:

  • Analysis of overall website performance through Google Analytics
  • Review of current tracking setup
  • Existing organic visibility and strategy review
  • Audit of Google Ads setup and performance
  • Social media presence and outputs
  • Email marketing strategy and template performance

From these recommendations, you’ll have a better understanding of what you can do to increase your results, as well as some quick wins that can help encourage some instant revenue.

Depending on your next steps, you can either work through the recommendations and opportunities we identify, or work with our expert team on a project or retainer basis to implement them together.



Mobile first and user-friendly

Our technical audits will drill down into the usability of your site, examining its response to multiple devices and creating an overall picture of how your users are guided.

We’ll examine your engagement data and conduct search term analyses to better inform your content, providing tailored recommendations based on solid data. You’ll come away with an implementation plan that we can support you through.

Audits in action

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