Stories powered by data

Storytelling is the essence of effective marketing. Watch James explain the importance of pathos, logos and ethos in our video below.

Communicating the benefits of your brand and products in a way that will motivate and influence the right people is the key to success on all channels. But at Cobb Digital we believe a good story is nothing without data. To craft an impactful narrative, you need to have an-depth understanding of your current performance, your audience’s needs and behaviour.

This isn’t a new idea – the Ancient Greeks told us how to construct a good story more than 2,000 years ago. If you want to learn more, watch our MD’s TEDx talk on that very topic.

When you work with us, we begin by gathering the insights that matter to your objectives, and we use these to shape the story that will capture the imagination of your audience.


What’s this agile working everyone keeps talking about? Put simply, it’s a flexible approach that adapts to circumstances whilst remaining focussed on overall business goals. Whilst we plan our strategy six months in advance, we plan our work in eight-week sprints, meaning we can adjust our activity to suit changes in your needs, sector or results immediately as they occur.

We work collaboratively with you, and our progress is shared in real-time so you always know exactly what’s happening.


Website analytics is a minefield of jargon and uninterpretable data. If you’ve never used Google Analytics before, you might be overwhelmed with amount of data available to you, with not much idea which bits really matter. Does it matter that most people come to the website from ‘Direct’? Is it good that your conversion rate is 1.5%? And what even is bounce rate anyway?

As part of our agile working, we offer website reporting that is:

Consistent – regularly looking at your website performance is key to revealing trends and gleaning insight

To the point – we will tell you the facts you need, to save you getting bogged down in lots of extras

Valuable – aligning achievements against your set targets means you can determine the impact of our strategy on your business

If that doesn’t appeal to you, we also offer Google Analytics training, so you don’t have to suss it out for yourself.

30-day contracts

Most agencies will tie you in to six- or twelve-month contracts, and then fall asleep at the wheel after month three. We work to 30-day contracts, meaning we are constantly accountable for giving you value for your money. It’s a lot of pressure, but we’re up to the challenge.

42% increase in form conversion rate
Devising an ecommerce strategy for a local retailer during Covid-19
62% increase in revenue and 120% increase in ROI within 4 months
First time using a full digital ad strategy to promote the congress, leading to 44% increase